Monday, July 18, 2011

time to celebrate...

I recently hosted a bridal shower & bachelorette party for my best friend who is getting married in September. Although I had been planning the weekend with her mother and other bridesmaids; I began to really think about what it takes to pull off a great celebration. I have always been an event planner at heart and I love getting into the details of events like these. Bottom line - she is like a sister to me so it had to be perfect.

Since we are in the thick of wedding season and it seems like everyone I know is planning an event like these, I have included my top 3 planning & event tips below:

1. Stay Organized (keep lists of what you have left to do, and cross off what you have already accomplished)

2. Keep People Informed! (this tip is super important when planning two events in one day. you will find that people will thank you for giving them an idea of a budget for the day as well as details of what the "plan" is so they can plan accordingly)

3. Have Fun! (take pictures, play games, enjoy the food and drink you prepared, and most importantly make sure the bride can't stop smiling)

I also have included a few tips for the bride to handle pre-marital events such as these:

1. Treat yourself! (new outfit, mani/pedi, etc - any way for you to feel your best)
2. Relax & Have Fun! (trust your bridal party has your best interests in mind and since they know you best - it will be the right kind of party for your personality)
3. Get your engagement ring cleaned! (take your engagement ring to get cleaned at your local jeweler: this is your chance to show it off - make sure it is a sparkler from across the room!)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

welcome 101

If you ever thought about how to get engaged, where to go, who to talk to, what size diamond to purchase, how to stay within a budget, how to pop the question, and most importantly how to make it perfect...this blog is for you!

Getting to know the face behind the name...
1. I am going to be real about anything and everything I post - why not? People want suggestions, options, choices, opinions and guidance- this is my mission.
2. I am the type of person to tell it how it is or how it should be, for that matter. I think it's good and healthy to have an opinion and get it out there.
3. I stand up for what I believe in. Some say I am a great combination of traditional & modern viewpoints when it comes to everything and anything bridal.
4. I am just a tad passionate for perfection - not only for diamonds and jewelry but all aspects of life....this will certianly come out in future postings.

Bascially, as the Perfection Stylist here at HOF, it is not only my job to help future bride's & grooms's to-be find their perfect engagement ring, wedding band, or fashion jewelry, but rather my passion.

I look forward to answering any and all questions that you have for me - hopefully, we will have lots of pictures of happily engaged & married couples posted to this blog soon!